Taylor Greenberg Goldy

Material Explorations

Exploration 1


During a five week intensive at RISD, I took a joint architecture, industrial design, apparel course.  Through 3D modeling, I was intrigued by comparison between creating a 3D form from a program versus creating a 3D form from a 2D fabric used in apparel patternmaking.  I spent time lasercutting, testing LED and fiber optics, as well as sculpting fabric with heat molds which resulted in the creation of a shirt collar that was worn over a dress.  The process of testing and "playing" with these new methods have helped advance my technique and application.

Exploration 2

While visiting the Rhode Island Recycling Center, I found "black plastic discards" that I wanted to try to manipulate.  For some parts of the top and skirt, I melted the plastic down to distort it from its original shape.  For the other more fitted parts, I used photographs from newspaper to create collaged panels.

This piece is inspired by a photograph of two people that I ripped in half, and once ripped, the photograph's context was reinterpreted and redefined.  The exaggerated and distorted silhouettes in the piece reflect my act of ripping the pictures and a person's scattered thoughts as they try to reinterpret the photograph.

Model: Sunnie Martensen

Photography: Matt Francis




Exploration 3

"Fibrous," Spring 2013, Foundation Drawing

To gain, a better understanding of textile research, I documented fibers and threads from familiar clothing under a microscope and decided to create a series of concept drawings that transform these photographs into another "world."

Materials: Cotton, silk, charcoal