Taylor Greenberg Goldy

Assistive Eye-Tracking

Assistive eye-tracking devices can be astronomically expensive and cumbersome for users to work with.  Our year-long challenge was to design an affordable, easy-to-use, attractive eye-tracking device for people with conditions like ALS in which your mind is full functioning but you don't have the ability to speak. We partnered with the Speak Your Mind Foundation and Microsoft to use their software when creating and testing out prototypes.

Responsibility on team: As one of seven students from Brown University and RISD, I was in charge of the aesthetic and "wearability" of our model.  Furthermore, I helped lead the research portion of the project, which included primary and secondary sources (like visiting local facilities with people using eye-tracking devices every day).


Competitor research

Competitor research

Trend research

Trend research

Paper model prototyping

Final sketch ideas from ID team

Testing hot mirrors concept for eye tracking

User testing with camera installed

3D printed working prototype